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From the simple to the complex - alteration chest grow from IKEA

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Remaking chest grow from IKEAAlways nice to equip personal space with their own hands. Things seemed to acquire a soul alive in the eyes and delight you every day. To top it all, such a thing fills their existence to an exclusive number. After the second such there is hardly anywhere else. B IKEA catalog it is possible to choose the basis for his work.

In today's alteration in its favor as perhaps the most popular and easy thing to IKEA for creative ideas - RAST chest of drawers. For alterations we need:

  • RAST chest of drawers (62h30h70 cm);
  • material for finishing;
  • polyacrylic polish;
  • decorative nails, pens.
  • blade, brush, screwdriver, hammer.

The demand for chest RAST reincarnation due to its affordability and versatility. It is ideal for use as a nightstandand a free-standing chest of drawers. This piece of furniture is made from raw treeThat enables them over a fairly wide range of finishing works: from the usual painting before pasting various materials.

The original version of RAST

Our mess begin with, the decoration material, and in this case, flax gray nakrahmalivaem. This is done in order to cloth became a bit harsh, and worn it to the chest nor lead to unnecessary and unsightly folds, which can spoil the appearance. Then the foundation of our rework covered with a layer of varnish. Doing this is recommended unassembled. So we will be able to handle the maximum surface and, therefore, and fasten it to the finishing cloth. Support coated varnish, Leave to dry for a short while. It is important to see to it that the varnish is not dried up completely. On a lightly damp coating begin to mount finishing material. It can be any texture and color depending on your wishes and existing Interior.

Materials for decoration chest RAST

Update dresser from IKEA RAST

The most difficult moment in the process of pasting - processing angles. A sharp blade will greatly facilitate your work. Then pasted parts chestWere pooled. Now that RAST arranged and covered, you can proceed to step decorating. On his three drawers anchoring handles, and on the perimeter - nails with wide decorative hats, which will give the chest expressiveness. At the final stage, we recommend to treat the material, which is covered with a chest of drawers, lacquer. This protects it from external influences and add a few years to the period of its operation.

Upholstery and decoration chest RAST

Updated chest RAST ready!

Remaking chest grow from IKEA

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