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Changing dresser for a newborn

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Kids chest of drawersWhat did not make the parents for the children's favorite, even carved furniture with his own hands. In today's remake we describe how to make changing dresser for a newborn baby. The purpose of alteration - get comfortable stationary changing table + storage space for clothes and accessories for the baby, such as baby oil, cream, powder and diapers, all that is sure to be on hand.
That we use for our modifications:
--5 Drawer RATIONELL different sizes;
- Chipboard or plywood.

Boxes series RATIONELL Fully-extending that provides easy access to the children's things, and have a smooth running and the ability to install the stopper, so the last centimeters drawers close automatically and slowly, silently. If you want to organize space, RATIONELL drawer can be supplemented by special internal elements.

Boxes Chest
Cut out the door right size, fix them hinges and handles for opening:
Door Chest
That's our ready changing dresser. We hope placed in the article pictures will help you to implement modifications.
Ready dresser
Changing dresser
Our changing dresser suitable for any interior, and it's very easy to disassemble and move to another place or folded for storage.
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    03.11.2014 19:11 | #
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    Of course, when the house comes baby, then sharply raises the question, where is the little things add up it, so they were always in order, and most importantly were on hand. And usually in shops are hard to find good changing dresser. and that I personally liked its spaciousness th and compactness.
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    06.11.2014 12:26 | #
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    I also really needed a strong and spacious changing table, and this is just what you need. It is a pity that I did not see these developments earlier, as it would make me a husband to make.
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    08.11.2014 03:33 | #
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    Frankly I do not even know that it is possible to build such a miracle in such a minimal amount of materials and handy unit. And when a changing table will cease to be great, he is transformed I'm in a chest of drawers!

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