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Remaking MALM with Ikeanstick

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Sketch M. JaroszToday in the category alterations IKEA You will be very unusual journey - offer to go with us to the wonderful world of art. We will talk about how to "refresh" the look MALM chest convenient and very effective way, using the services of an independent masterful Ikeanstick, which is engaged in the creation of design vinyl labels for IKEA furniture.

The essence of the update is simple: on the sticker pasting Malm chest of drawers with 3-drawers (80x78 cm), which is presented in white, black and brown, classic brown or bleached oak veneer. Choose any color scheme of a few, depending on their taste preferences. And then all at your fingertips - trust yourself and create!

Design vinyl from Marina Yarosh

Ikeanstick - young project-oriented movement and the embodiment of the most unimaginable images that are suitable for interior decoration creative workshops, unusual small cafes or just spaces in which they live creative individual, e.g., flats studios.

Creation of design vinyl stickers are engaged talented artists, photographers. With one of them, we take a closer look. We offer as an example of a rather original stickers, sketches for MALM chest use the graphics created Marina Yarosh - A young artist from St. Petersburg. Today we have chosen her creations, codenamed "SLEEP" (Eng. "Sleep"), which the author promotes relaxation and the flight of thoughts, fantasies.


MALM Chest with vinyl from M. Jarosz

Creation M. Jarosz characterized by a unique author's design and bold creativity implementation of ideas. Using only lines and strokes, which are arranged in an intricate plot, the artist throws on paper his personal perception of the world. It's a real flight fantasyTurning into a raging stream of consciousness, which is able to make you freeze momentarily before the picture and reflect on the profound intention of the author. Looking at these images, gives the impression of complete freedom of expression. In some of his paintings the author even clothe his thoughts into words. Such a abstraction - Personal experience and the experience of the author, who does not claim that it would be accepted and understood. Every man for himself now interpret in their own way, and be sure to find something of themselves in the flowery labyrinths of the subconscious.

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