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PAX adjustment under mansard roof

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PAX WardrobeIKEA furniture may be applied to a standard layout, as well as showing the share of wit, and to the premises, which have a small area, a kind of configuration. Our today's article will be dedicated to remaking the cabinet under the mansard roof. You make sure that even the void under the escarpment can be converted into a small cupboard and thus give the room more functionality.

For this we need:
- 4-door wardrobe PAX;
- Masking tape;
- Furniture decorative ribbon;
- Foam, Faux leather;
- Glue saw.

It is necessary to warn that the process very time-consuming rework, but as a result of this work you will be richly rewarded for their efforts. First of all, with the help of a ruler and a saw to be adapted PAX frames the dimensions of the attic slope. Facades for convenience while you can remove, the more that this part of the wardrobe to be a separate hard work.

Framework for PAX

Gluing foam

Placing the facades in a horizontal position, sizing them 5-mm foam. Need some time to glue dried out well, and only then proceed Faux leather trim. This new generation material with properties very similar to natural leather. High wear resistance, excellent tactile properties, hypoallergenic, a huge range of colors - this is one of the main qualities that make this material in great demand in the furniture industry. It was a small digression, and now back to our facades.

Doors PAX

Much attention should be paid to sizing angles. If necessary, use a stapler to secure better. Staples in further work would extract and place puncture zashpaklyuyutsya and paint. After proceed to decor facades. For a better visual perception layout decorative tape masking tape will help that will not damage the material. Then a pencil with light pressure draws the line on which we will strengthen the tape.

Making PAX tape

With direct mounting tape on the facade, it is necessary to move from the center to the edges, so the tension will remain eco-leather. We also strongly recommend to make the fitting of all intersections, junctions and corners for a more accurate calculation step. These manipulations perform with the three remaining doors. Optionally, you can select suitable handles IKEA Catalogue.

The finished attic clearance

If you own a house, and it so happened that it has a roof terrace, take in hand tools and profitably fill the empty space. And our idea of ​​remaking this will help you.

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