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Shelf for television equipment

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Shelf TV standsToday's apartments are simply stuffed with different appliances. A separate place is occupied by audio and video equipment. It is also important to take into account a number of nuances. When it is placed, it is important to take into account a number of nuances. First, it is compact in the living room. Secondly, the technique should not be heated and, thirdly, laconically fit into the existing design of the room, while retaining the sound quality and the transmission of the television "picture." How and where to place it - a question that sometimes requires the adoption of non-standard solutions. We suggest that you get acquainted with one of them step by step. So, shelf equipment with their own hands.

Step 1.

For the project from the catalog IKEA acquire 3 shelf under the TV model VITSHЁ with 2-face up offices. In its original form, they have an upper and a lower glass shelf made of particleboard. We interchange them.


Step 2.

Of solid birch countertops NUMERER (246h62h3.8 cm) cut portion sizes 6 50h40 see. We clean the place of cut and round off the edges. Countertop is quite possible to leave in its original form, or change color. In our remaking selected the first option.


Step 3.

On each shelf VITSHЁ accounting for 2 parts that we have received as a result of step №2. By bolts anchoring them on the shelf of chipboard. At each such part, we need to 4 bolt. The connection is performed in such a way that between the highest shelf and countertop to create a small gap, which gives the appearance of a peculiar flavor.

Countertops for VITSHЁ

Step 4.

To hide all the number of wires, which is formed from an abundance of equipment on a shelf, use the duct for cables KVISSLE.

Wooden worktop

Hide wires

Our TV shelf assembled, finished and has a nice bonus to use. As for the television itself it is only assigned to the central part, those shelves, which are arranged on both sides may be used as a bench seating.

Resting place for guests

For example, if the party you peered many friends, one such TV shelf able to sustain two people.

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