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Simple and origamno!

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Origamnaya lampRemodel furniture from IKEA, Giving it an elegant appearance, giving a chance for a second life, or even radically changing the inherent functional once the developers, has long been a popular and popularly favorite pastime. Fantasia on this topic can be mass applied wildest equipment, materials, combine different styles and trends in art.

Here and in our present alteration, sent to the transformation of fluids Floor lamp DUDERO  and see what happens. This tall and graceful lighting fixture decorate their subdued lighting and unobtrusive in any interior. But he has one small but significant drawback.

Floor lamps in a series DUDERO

Lampshade DUDERO Made of paper. It is quite dense, but with all this and easily tearing. If it so happened that the shade was torn, IKEA stores can always buy a new one at an attractive price. But we are not accustomed to looking for easy ways, therefore we propose by our efforts to prolong the existence of even a damaged lampshade. To begin with, we remember childhood. Surely, many of us liked to make different figures from paper, and did not even suspect that they were doing the real art called origami. It is these forgotten skills that we will have to resurrect with you. The boys diligently folded airplanes and boats, and the girls - were engaged in the divination with the help of an unassuming origami fortune-teller with pre-written predictions on it. For the DUERO decor we will make this girl's attribute for fortune telling. And now you need to call all your patience, perseverance, and you can even involve all household members in this activity. Such fortune tellers we will need to make about 170 pieces.

Lampshade decorated DUDERO

After all folded tightly put in charge of each other begin to turn them glued to paper lampshade. This work is no less laborious.

Ready updated lampshade DUDERO

In this embodiment, used plain white paper. If desired, it can be painted or use color. From this appearance lampshade will only benefit.

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