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The plump pouf

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Soft poufWe try to carefully consider interior residential premises. Convenience, comfort, aesthetics - three aspects are taken into account in the first place. But even seemingly once-designed down to the smallest nuances of the situation, sooner or later get bored. So we arranged that all the time striving for change, including and interior. Exclusive as a ottoman, created by the hands, suitable as an opportune moment.

For its production we need:

  • footstool SOLSTA PELBU;
  • cut chipboard;
  • 4 legs, 4 screws;
  • foam;
  • thick cloth upholstery;
  • Staple gun or alternatively, furniture nails;
  • screwdriver or screwdriver;
  • pencil, ruler, carpenter's glue, sandpaper.

So, preparation for ottoman we already have a SOLSTA PELBU. In order to implement the proposed option just flip it upside down. Removable cover, bundled may well be used for other purposes as your imagination tells you definitely options.

Stool to rework

Poof inside

Now from the segment cut chipboard cover for future pouf, given the size stool. It should be slightly larger in order to avoid slip inwards. The edges of the cover is made rounded and sanded with sandpaper. With screws attach the legs. There can be many variations: classic, avant-garde or, for example, rotating wheels.

Remaking ottoman

Upholstery ottoman use foam and solid tissue, such as tapestry, jacquard, plush or flock. To date, the choice is huge and in your power to accomplish the mess that will leave far behind the store template instances.

Poof from IKEA

We produce upholstered seat

Attach with glue foam padded stools to detail: the top cover and the perimeter SOLSTA PELBU. Leave to dry well. Meanwhile, from the prepared tissue cut out the necessary blanks. This takes into account additional centimeters of material to be wrapped on the edge of the lid, top and bottom of the stool. If you want to look the future product quality, it is important to carefully hide the fixing elements. Here, at the time have Staple gun, which targets upholstery fabric.

Anchoring angles

For lack of this tool, it is appropriate to use nails with round heads. They also decorate the future pouf in the decorative attitude. And the amazing decor element is ready.

Top pouf

This "chubby kid" is capable of much. Thanks to a removable cover creates additional storage space. It is possible to sit by additionally strengthening design as a screed metal corners. Have to taste it to children and, of course, easy to fulfill its basic purpose - to get rid of tiredness in the legs.

Soft pouf

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