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Workplace for Business toddler

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Desk childChildren's creativity is one of the activities of the kids carried their own. The child just need to derogate from clear and familiar to him variations of manifestations of the world, to experiment and to create something new for yourself and not only. If you decide to register workplace childIt is necessary to remember about creating atmosphere for work. Nothing should distract, whether toys or television. Located next to the workplace can be that will not dissipate note: timetable, day regimen, map geography, and other important things. Do not ignore the branch working area from the game.

This alteration was planned for a three year old so she could play with her dolls, and could be used table games dolls and creative. Yet we need to place a chair on which to sit and, for example, to decorate. The solution, which we have come to the end, including:

- rack Kallax


legs in a series of Capito


countertops LINNMON

We put the rack Kallax on its side and set foot 4 Capito below. Then we attached two tabletops LINNMON the upper side of the stack. As you can see in the photo, part of the countertop looks beyond the rack and will be used as a desktop.

Assembling Kallax

The entire construction is fastened in the end wall to the open side. Make sure that it is secure, if necessary, add more fixtures.

Fixing Kallax

It remains our paint job in the color you want, in our case, we chose white.

Work area

В rack Kallax You can store books, toys and educational games, including board, as the rack is quite roomy.

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