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Rainbow Ceiling Trio from IKEA

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Trio fixtures from IKEAInterior design is not very forgiving of neglect yourself. With his planning and further development is necessary to consider all the fine details. For here all closely related and is aimed at creating a unified and harmonious way that will delight and warm you from time to time. Light and color - two elements that are capable of performing miracles in the interior and change it without resorting to the laborious process of repair. Lighting, if it is correctly selected, change the visual perception of space, it is advantageous underline some details of the interior, and adding new colors make tune already slightly overexposed environment fresh colors.

We offer you a mess in 2 1, which includes work on light and color. For this we need:

  • hanging lamp MELODY (D = 28 cm);
  • hanging lamp MINUTES (D = 25 cm);
  • hanging lamp MONLYUS (D = 41 cm);
  • Crochet hook;
  • cotton yarn.

Three pendant lights, namely, melody, and MINUTES from MONLYUS IKEA CatalogueDue to the fact that they have the ability to control height in tandem with the creation of the effect of the scattered light, create the perfect composition for ceiling lighting. The second apparent advantage of this interior decoration with the help of the trio of fixtures, ceiling becomes a different form: spherical MINUTES extended drop-shaped Melodies and space MONLYUS, resembling the outline of an unidentified flying object.

Lamp with a green shade

White round lampshade

For our modifications you need 3 skeins. Its choice should be stopped on a cotton variant. This moment is very important, because we will knit these cute "hats" for fixtures and, for example, the use of acrylic yarn is impossible, since it can simply melt away from the heat generated by them. Give preference to iridescent shades that will revive the interior and remind you of the wonderful days of rest on the warm sea. If you are keen on crocheting, or this idea of ​​transforming simple lamps inspired you to start doing it, we suggest using the detailed instructions for creating an exclusive detail of your interior.

Scheme for knitting

Options knitting lampshades

But in order to remake failed to fully, we must be able to cope with crochet hooks. If you know about this tool only by hearsay, then get to know him better and immerse themselves in the development of knitting science would be superfluous. You will be well rewarded for their efforts. After all, with the help of this simple device and conventional skein of thread can create real Masterpieces: Jewelry, clothing, fashion accessories, not only for humans but also animals, items for interior decoration.

The finished composition of fixtures

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