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"Clamshell" from EXPEDIT shelving

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Home CenterThe spacious room is always free and you feel comfortable. Typically, this contributes to minimalism in interior design as well as all the furniture in the room should be as functional. Sometimes only one thing sets the tone for the entire room. It often happens that the same chest of drawers or shelves have to be used for store things and as decoration the entire room. We are talking about such furniture, such as a vertical rack with the ability to fold it, turning it into a single structure, and easy to move around the room, it does not lose its main function - keeping things. From this position, it is possible to show imagination and to make a kind of furniture tandem of several elements. Fortunately, special skills or qualifications have for this is not necessary.

For assembly, we need:

For fastening the lower racks-lockers necessary bolts and hinges. On the underside of each of the pre-inverted horizontal position EXPEDIT shelving set Riehl wheels with brakes.


On the side of the racks to be able to fix a loop to move and fold design twice. For their fixation on the opposite side will need a window latch or bolt.

Window catch

To this "connection" does not hurt, it is necessary to deepen the door for about 3 see inside.

That's as it should function our design:

Design in its original form

Folding design

EXPEDIT move on wheels

Design Folded

Probably the most difficult part of the alterations will commit BESTÅ cabinets on the wall. Although it is equipped with steel brackets for a special attachment to the wall, Best not intended for holding the weight of the TV screen in 52 inches, DVD-player and two heavy lamps FILSTAThat you can decorate the finished rework. To do this, you must purchase four mounting screws or anchors, which will hang and Best.

Mount cabinets

Ultimately, it seems that the top furniture unit rests on the bottom. But if the lower cabinet to push, removing support, we can see that the mounting bolts perfectly and securely hold the entire structure.

Use your home center

As a result, we get a pleasant to the eye, easy-to-use combination of several pieces of furniture from IKEA. The goal is achieved: all very easy to fold and design takes up little space, in addition serving as a storage space or toys.

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