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Gemma in the interiorFor many in the regeneration of housing raises questions not only the appearance and functionality, but also the cost. The latter aspect is often crucial and depends on it, what kind of take your living room. But who said that cheap - means unattractive. With a minimum of financial investments suggest you make chandelierWhich is a surprise all who visit your home.

To create this miracle ceiling reserved by the following items:

  • cable-suspension Gemma (Cable length: 1,8 m)
  • long wooden sticks rounded shape;
  • paint in the can;
  • sharp scissors or clippers;
  • fusible gun.

The last item in the list is a recommendation. On the one hand the acquisition of this tool will bring additional costs, but on the other - they are fully justified in relief work on the development process P "SЋSЃS,SЂS <. Because it allows very accurate and in the right amount of glue applied. Melt adhesive hardens very quickly and it is still one indisputable quality of plus in certain types of work. Fusible gun will come in handy on the farm, if you nature creates and constantly fill your home things made by hand.

Fastening wooden elements

At the initial stage rework remove any stickers from the apex of the suspension. The first wooden rod should be pasted on the center top of the cartridge perpendicularly.

Screwing the bulb

Then screw in a light bulb should be, around which the entire structure will be built. For the sake of convenience luster frame hang it in a place where you can work seamlessly with the adhesive. For single wooden rod, which we have already stuck vertically on the sides attach another one. Now turn your entire imagination to create intricate compositions with lots of corners and weaves.

We fix the wooden elements

Chaotic arrangement of wooden elements

For its strength, place wooden sticks at various angles, but in a way that does not hurt the appearance, and replacement bulbs did not become a problem. After all the rods are connected to give a good frame dry. Remove excess glue formed, and too protruding ends of the rods cut with scissors or clippers.

Cropped projecting parts

В IKEA catalog cable-suspension Gemma is available in two colors and it does not matter which one is used for the manufacture of P "SЋSЃS,SЂS <.

Finished products Gemma

The entire structure is covered with the suspension at the final stage of spray paint color that fits your decor.

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