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Render farm from IKEA

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Render farm of stone HelmerMany of those involved in the creation of computer graphics can only dream about their own render farm. After all, these stations are not only prices but also the dimensions are impressive. However, you can do otherwise - to try to make their own render farm, and, of course, not without the help of furniture IKEA catalogs.

The basis for the computer station can serve as a good Cupboards Helmer with six drawers and wheels for easy movement. In height it is only 69 cm in width - 28 see, so that fit into each of the boxes all the necessary elements, you get home compact version render farm, which can be easily placed on their workplace.

To create a render farm will need:

  • Cupboards Helmer;
  • Computer hardware (motherboard, RAM, processor, cooling system, a network switch, cables).

First you need to take care of the cooling system. In each box body mounted 3 fan: two of them are mounted on the front panel, and one - the rear. Most convenient way to make installation at the stage of assembly tables. Should put the power supply, it is also built on the back of the box. On the whole, we get to 5 fans on each drawer. The three above-described, one power supply module and one processor, later it will be installed.

Render frma in parsing

As already mentioned, we are dealing with a very limited space, and in fact, create from each drawer system unit. It is important to make sure that the motherboard and all other components could easily fit in the designated place for them.

Render Frema front viewRender Frema rear view

Install the CPU, cooler and memory, and then connect the charge. Make sure that the motherboard fits easily in the width of the box. Subsequently to avoid a short circuit to start, place a layer of plastic and then the board itself. The network switch can be attached to the side of the pedestals.

Include your imagination, from IKEA items you can create not only the unique elements of decor or furniture, but also to collect a full-fledged computer. Thus, out of the ordinary cabinets and computer components, we obtain an original solution to your problem. Render farm will easily cope with vzvalennymi at her tasks, the size of the station allow you to install it anywhere, and the bright colors always be pleasantly pleasing to the eye.

Render farm from IKEA

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    11.06.2015 06:33 | #
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    And what is the height of the boxes themselves? I would like to raise the same, but I can not choose a CPU cooler ...
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          18.06.2015 08:45 | #
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          The motherboard is installed in a box. it processor cooler. All this design should not be higher than 10 cm to creep into the box. The external cooler which is also shown in the figure should not be greater 10 centimeters in diameter. They are needed for ventilation box.
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    Your neighbor

    11.07.2016 20:09 | #
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    I have the octane render and three titanium, and I am confident that I have the speed imaging at times surpass the box. By volume, the fit it all in one computer case.

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