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Painted tablewareIn recent years become very popular hand-made. Jewelry, clothing, interior toys and more adorn the homes and apartments, making them a unique interior and giving zest. Today we tell it about one such technique hand-made. This artistic painting utensils. Series of dishes from IKEA is the best fit for us this. Alteration we present a step master class to you, dear readers, it was very clear.

Recommended for painting utensils IKEA following series in white and beige colors:
- Cups, plates and bowls Diener;
- Plates, bowls and mugs IKEA PS Krogh;
- Bowls While и FERGRIK.

Also, we need proven paint Deco Art Glass Paint. It is non-toxic, so it can be used on the dishes without harm to health.

Colors Art Deco GlassStep №1:

Clean dishes from possible contaminants, residues of oil or fat. We do this to prevent the spreading of paint on the surface. However, even if it suddenly happens in the first few minutes of the excess paint can be gently removed with a damp paper towel.

Step №2:

A drawing that can be done with a fine brush or wand. This can be a simple pattern, available even for those who do not have artistic skills. Then leave the dishes in the 4 hours to dry completely.

Painted dishes

Step №3:

After 4-hours dry, but not less than 8 hours after application, put the dishes in cold oven, then set the temperature in degrees within 190 40 minutes. If your brass plate has a built-in timer, just for a period of time, it will be heated to the temperature indicated.

Step №4:

At the end of 40 minutes, turn off the oven, open the door and, without taking the bowl, let it cool.

Options painted glassware

Such a "painted" dishes will not only be a wonderful decoration for your own home, but will be a nice gift, which subsequently decorate the house of friends and acquaintances.

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