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Conjoined twins RAST

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Conjoined twins RASTThere are things that are timeless and will never go out of style. This rule applies to wooden furniture. In addition to high quality, it can create an incredible atmosphere of comfort and warmth. However, the tree - a material that can be subjected to various kinds of technological treatments. The latter fact greatly extends the range of design solutions for manufacturing Furniture made of wood. In today's remake we tinkering dresser made of wood with their own hands.

You can, of course, not to use their own efforts, and to a simpler way. Choose your favorite model and make chest of drawers made of wood to order. But this can be expensive pleasure and not to justify your expectations. We can help you avoid these two very unpleasant situation.

Our chest is not quite common. It is attached to the wall and, if levitate. Basis rework - wooden chest of drawers IKEA model RASTIn an amount of two pieces. Of them as a result we will collect a large chest of drawers. Immediately before assembling the side panels must be slightly fit to the required size. To do this, cut off a 20 mm board on top and cut into rough 92 mm from the bottom.

The design of RAST


For the construction of the whole structure needed continuous stretches of pine boards that are both closed to the chest. Perpendicular to them using a drill and screws fasten the side and center panel. Install guides for drawers. Instead we will use the pens BESTÅ push mechanisms. For our chest they need 3 kit. How they should be placed shown on the photo.

Slide for drawers

The holes in the base panel

Since the chest will be attached directly to the wall, the back wall of the chest unnecessarily. With the help of corners, pre-cut a hole in the wall to hang our chest of drawers. To reinforce the structure under the chest wall is recommended to attach the board measuring about 90 cm and a thickness 3-4 see.

We fix the upper part

Wall mounting

Attaching the chest

Mechanisms BESTÅ

The texture of the material from which made chest of drawersLooks pretty good. Connoisseurs of natural textures certainly will appreciate it and you can leave it in its original form.

Dual chest RAST

If you want to somehow change the appearance, the RAST - perfect wooden chest of drawers for decoupage, The technique of which will be found easily on the open spaces of the Internet.

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    Suffice it succinctly, but it seems to me that it was because of this everyone can create from the quiet locker interesting and unique little thing for the interior and use all their imagination to do so.
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    I run to buy 2 chest. I was looking for a chest of drawers with a depth of 32 cm for a niche of this depth and width of 150. This would fit perfectly, but low, because it would be inconvenient to get things. I stumbled upon your article and fell in love with Rast. Everything is suitable: price, texture, size. She ran ...

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