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LACK Glass table with lighting

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LACK backlitIn today's remake we look at how to build a glass LACK table backlit. Moreover, we zaprogrammiruem. This will be a unique modifications that have never been in our category. We would not call this mess neither simple nor complex, but will have to tinker, mainly due to the presence of electronics. So be prepared for "jewelry" work.

Immediately, we note an important point, which is useful in the selection of materials. Glass, which subsequently must be countertopCan be purchased opaque to hide the maximum filling our table.

Worktop LAK

Glass top

From the inside LACK table will look like this:

Filling LAK

We have divided the interior of the countertop LAK into four parts using conventional wooden slats. You can fix them with a special adhesive for wood products.Internal device

That's how the layout will look like LED backlighting table. Along the rails should be placed LED Strip LightPut another way, LED-band and secure it with glue.

The division into segmentsLED backlight

The final version should represent here such table with LED backlight and a special unit with a program that will set the order and brightness. The details of how to program the LED light, can be easily found on specialized sites or forums.

Alteration of LAK

We believe that this table is perfect for a romantic evening, when it will replace the main lighting and give special entourage room. However, you can see the video for yourself and make sure that the exclusivity of the alteration:

{mp4} video / stories / articles / peredelki / lack-led-program / ikea-hack-programmable-lack {/ mp4}
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    03.11.2014 19:16 | #
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    Super is cool and interesting invention. I think that if you make a table and set them up in the living room of your friends will appreciate it and you will be able to really surprise them.
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    06.11.2014 12:24 | #
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    I also like this idea. Very interesting and unusual cabinet that complements any interior and you will be bursting pride from the fact that you made it yourself.
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    08.11.2014 03:31 | #
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    A great idea to make such a interactive table, and looked carefully how you collected and I did not embarrass the time the jewelry works with the electrician. The only thing that I can add from myself, not necessarily to use glass countertop.

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