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Stylish partition-rack

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Rack-partition EXPEDITSome models of furniture from IKEA catalog can be perfectly used as a partition to separate rooms. Take EXPEDIT shelvingThey are through the wall with convenient shelves that can be filled with books and various decorative objects. They are simple enough and do not have any projections - is not a good partition? But in order to give a beautiful aesthetic appearance of the room, you can make a real wall from floor to ceiling with built-in shelves, it is this idea we consider in this remake.

To get stylish partition you will need:
- EXPEDIT, Rack - 4h4;
- Plasterboard;
- Wooden beams;
- Soil;
- Plastic corners.

First we create a framework of wooden beams around the rack. Since EXPEDIT will be fully integrated in the partition, it should not stand on the floor, so the frame and have a rack. If the floor or other surface to which is attached the rough frame, you can align them with thick cement mortar.

Begin to mount the rack

Then proceed to the installation Drywall. Gently fasten sheets using a power screwdriver. To Shpatlevanie when there was no protrusions, screws are screwed deeper, as they must be to sink in drywall. After one side is ready to fill her seal with the proper size, and then finish the second side.

The box is made of plasterboard

Plasterboard fixed? Well, then, should be thoroughly primed with our partition, and then zashpatlevat all seams. It is best to prime the two layers, the first - wipe cloth, and apply again the ground. Along the perimeter of the rack attach soft plastic corners to hide flaws and seams. Only then can we begin to stain the wall in any color you like. Краска applied three layers. More extravagant ladies can decorate partition cute ornament.

Mounting rack drywall

The partition of the rack from IKEA EXPEDIT

You can choose to turn the finished wall is also a source of lighting for both parts of the room. To do this, pick up the LED lamp on the top four shelves EKSPEDITa.

That's the way thanks to IKEA and its own ingenuity can transform a large room apartment in two cozy nest. Convenience is the partition that you can use the shelves on either side, so convenient to place them on a variety of decorative items like flower vases, figurines and other items.

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    This partition can be done without the rack. Why spoil a good and expensive thing? The meaning of the rack that you can always move to another location. A shelf in the wall of the plywood can be made. Much cheaper cost. Crazy idea.

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