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Steampunk or light flows through the pipes

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Ready lamp antiqueHave you ever met in my life or things may be, to make their own hands, which are so unique and creative, even able to dictate the terms of the style around you? Today, our modifications to invite you to get acquainted with the original design technique called Steampunk. This is a non-trivial direction initially originated in the literature, and was coined by science fiction in 80-ies of XX century. In their works, "the main character" was a mechanic, and all that was directly related to,. The clearest example of steampunk - interior Nautilus, the fictional Verne submarine ship.

When decorating can go two ways: use the original rare trinkets or modern devices make necessary their antique styling. We use the latest version and demonstrate steampunk in all its glory, gathering vintage chandelier.

Lamp Steampunk

Begin remaking

Oddly enough, but in the IKEA catalog was found very close in style aluminum pendant light - OTTAWA. We will need to duplicate. Just the very foundation of the lamp will be collected from ordinary water pipes.

Water pipes

Starting the assembly process, we remove the wires and the ceiling base from the lamps. For our steampunk lighting fixture we will use a wire with a fabric braid. Since this style is characterized by products made of copper, glass, brass, then with the paint from the can of "Copper" we cover the water pipes. We leave for a while to dry up, and in the meantime we will make out fixtures. To do this, first we will analyze it into its component parts and all the details that will be painted, processed by the smallest sandpaper. You can even make small dents that will only add exclusivity. Then we cover them with a mixture of paints: copper and brown. Over the part of the lamp in the form of a large plate, additional processing is carried out. Inner edges are painted with light paint, and in the near place to head for do crack. This can be done using krakelyurnogo varnish. It is applied to the colored portion, at the expiration of 30-40 minutes covered with paint again. As the drying top coat forms the very crack, exposing the bottom layer of paint.

Paint effects of aging


For greater effect on all parts of antiquity lamps, tubes be black patina to the metal, and with a cloth or napkin to make quick movements stamps. A slight touch of green patinaWhich has the effect of mold, finally finished processing the metal parts. Untapped in the aging process was only cover. In order that he fits perfectly into the overall picture, podkoptit it slightly inside and outside cover the layer of acrylic lacquer.

Sostarivayut cover

It remains only to assemble the chandelier in parts, having all the wires.

WIRE piped

If desired, it can be equipped with additional lights, spending on them all the same manipulations that over Ottawa and water pipes. Decorate original thing that can be purchased for mere pennies on any flea market.

Vintage collection

The original solution

Many may bewildered treat such thing, but then fiction love is not all. And Steampunk - Style for the daring creators and unique personalities.

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