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Chair Marius especially for a child's room

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Marius Stool - bright turquoiseOriginal way to transform even the simplest furniture from IKEA effortlessly able to each of us. Creativity and the desire to create a cosiness in the house - these are the two main key points. Today, however, we will need the ability to bind and sleight of hand. Young mothers, grandmothers and housewives is just a joy. Create a colorful, cozy and comfortable atmosphere in child's room great job. Consideration should be given every detail: from the color scheme to furniture. About the furniture today and we'll talk.

We offer you the mess highchair IKEA Marius. Here he is our hero in bright trending this summer turquoise. The chairs are easy to use (stacked), and easy to assemble.

Although it is difficult to call it a remake, but disguise the chair is just using yarn for knitting, crocheting or spokes. New high chair give the nursery a fabulous mood, warmth and comfort. Let's get started.

As mentioned above, for alterations we need the following materials: one-two-three chairs Marius (At your option), elastic thread for knitting, hook or needles, needle, scissors and a piece of Foam. First you need to select the characters for embroidery, which will show off on the chair seat, pick up on the color of the thread. This image suggests like these characters:

Related Bird chair for Marius

After you connect the wonderful birds, it is important to tie them with white and red threads, as shown in the picture (the one who knows how to knit will understand the process without difficulties). Then join together with a needle and tight thread. The dimensions of the chair are also important: the diameter of the seat is 32 cm, the width is 40 cm and the height is 45 cm. Then, by the second step, cut out a circle of foam rubber, on which a funny cover will be worn. After you finish the upper part of the case, fasten it with an elastic band around the circumference of the cover, sewing it. Inside, insert foam rubber and put it on the chair seat. Check if the rubber band is firmly attached to the chair. Tie the cheholchiki to the legs of the desired height and diameter, put them on, turn over the chair and sew them securely to the top of the cover. Fantastic "tuning" for the most trivial model chairs from IKEA ready. Demonstrate the result of our creative work:

It turned out elegant, bright, soft and funny. Figure scenes reminiscent of the good old Russian cartoons. Heroes you can choose with your child and create a composition of three chairs in the nursery.

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