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Stool Frost: from chair to swing

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Swing FrostRemember the childhood and answer the question: Do you love to ride on a swing? Most likely, the answer is yes. Even with high probability we can assert the existence of such a strong attachment to this attribute any playground that parents had to buy or master Swings Home, Install them in the country and elsewhere frequently visit their beloved offspring.

To think that once riding on a swing was not fun, but it is a serious business. It belongs to the observance. For example, for a part of the then peoples it was a way to be a little closer to the gods who live in the so-called "upper world". In Ancient Russia also swing on a swing during Shrovetide festivities was perceived as an act that attracts good luck and accelerating the arrival of spring.
So, in today's remake will be tinkering teeterThat will bring a lot of pleasant moments to your child. It will take quite some time, and most importantly least Consumables:

- stool Frost;
- Paint for coating wood surfaces;
- Several meters strong rope;
- Brush, drill, screwdriver.

In order to make the swing of stool Frost, Deprive his two legs. The other two, using the same holes to fasten the other side so that the seat is turned.

Stool Frost

Paint it with paint selected colors. Then you need to drill a hole ends of the legs and pull the rope through them. In this embodiment, the result is used as an alteration street swingBut nothing prevents its use in the home. If you think that they do not look safe, always to the wooden base can attach additional safety elements. Ride at your leisure!


After all, even modern research suggests undoubted benefit Skating on swing. This activity helps to improve coordination, training of the vestibular apparatus, and there is stimulation of the brain responsible for speech, reading, writing.

Outdoor Swing

Add to this a great mood, and you get a great exercise for improved emotion, stimulation of motor and mental activity.

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    What an interesting application of the usual chair. And the main thing that such swings are very convenient to use. I think our children will appreciate and would be happy to ride on such a swing. In addition, they will be able to make even a woman.
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    03.11.2014 19:14 | #
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    Very little is needed to bring joy to children. It can be from a simple chair to make a wonderful and easy swing. And your kids will ride on it day span.
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    06.11.2014 12:20 | #
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    I do not think that because of this stool, you can quickly make a wonderful swing, and the time it will take quite convenient nemnogo.Bystro children will appreciate.
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    08.11.2014 03:27 | #
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    Ahah, to humor you certainly do not refuse! The fact is that these stools are so strong and durable that can be absolutely no worry about the safety of the child on a swing. And I would still back out of the rope added.

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