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Stool Frost - "old man" with great potential

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Hero of our upcoming alterations already mentioned in previous article, Where he became an alternative basis for the mini coffee table, which was nice to have a cup of coffee and enjoy the peace and sounds turn the page of your favorite book. Today we would like to tell you about other options alterations, where the main role to play stool Frost from IKEA. It turns out that the stool Frost - not just an ordinary chair! Nondescript in appearance, but in fact, be smart, it gives the chance to create exquisite objects to decorate your interior.

But before I tell you about the alterations we would like to tell you a bit about the history of this stool.

Each thing has its own story and its author. And the FROST stool is no exception. The designer of the original model of this model stool back in 1933 for the company Artek was a cult Finnish designer Alvar Aalto. Its development is exclusive and primary, and lives to this day. These originally three-legged (then 4 legs) stools and chairs appeared in the reading rooms of the City Library in Viipuri Aalto in Vyborg, now the territory of Russia. The author gave them the name "Stool №60": this is the first furniture in the world from bent plywood. The FROST stool is still a vivid example of Scandinavian design. Now they are sold in millions of copies at IKEA. Although it is not known who revived these stools in the postwar period. Today FROSTA stool is also made in IKEA using Alvar Aalto technology from birch veneer and covered with transparent acrylic lacquer.

But back to the main theme of the article: alteration. A distinctive feature of the stool is its stackability. At the time when you do not need them, fold them slide: looks like composition, and even better if they are painted in different colors. The first example of a mini workout with alteration.

Stool Frost Remaking №2. Coffee table.

Next, consider how the chair could easily turn into a coffee table. You will need a chair and 2 40 minutes time. Saw one into two equal parts and leave only the two front legs of the chair and to leave a second portion with a rear foot. Just do not throw the legs, they will be for your fixture halves. That's how it looks in the finished form. In the picture's pretty clear and simple. Top looks like trifoliate clover.

Coffee table stool Frost

Remaking №3.Veshalka clothes.

Flick of the wrist stools transformed into an exclusive hanger for clothes, handbags, note pad. What will be the height of the hangers have your solution. L-shaped legs to make it and decorate your hallway.

Clothes hanger of stool Frost

Remaking №4. Shelf for books.

With a little effort, ingenuity and good humor, you will be easy to construct a design pompous shelf for books and small things and surprise your family and friends with his skill. Of course, add your own elements, it is always so nice when you look at the thing, and you know what you did it yourself!

Shelf for books from stool Frost

Remaking №5.Pridivanny table.

We are building a comfortable table for your computer, which is easy to push close to the sofa. And now you do not need to put the laptop on your knees, keep a cup of tea in your hand, because, you see, it's not always comfortable. You only need a screwdriver. Unscrew the two legs from the stool, with the other two unscrew one screw, which are located closer to the center. Then place these legs parallel to each other and screw. Measure the height of the table that you need and fasten each leg with two screws. The table is ready. It is possible to paint in any color suitable for you. Well, your home assistant is ready for work and rest!

Pridivanny table - FrostPridivanny table of stool

Or such an option.

Pridivanny table of stool Frost

All of these original alteration would be appropriate and in the interior of the stylized coffee shop, restaurant or other premises. And also, do not believe everything and street! Can be equipped with street benches small comfortable tables. Excellently, do not you? You can play in the park dominoes with friends, eat ice cream, drink a cup of coffee, tea. Color tables in bright colors, add a little painting.

Table of stool Frost


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