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Cache of the table LACK

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Do you love a clean house? When everything is in its place, when nothing irritates eyes mistress and does not collect dust. Hiding place from the table LAKThen, perhaps, you have at home a lot of all sorts of cabinets and organizers. For example, such as system for extra storage IKEA. And you can make furniture for storage using IKEA. For that, we quite suitable mega-popular in our category alterations IKEA - pridivanny LACK table.

We say that the current mess - cache table of LAK. Hiding place, where you can hide anything, to fix things. In our case it will be game console. By the way, a very convenient solution, which can take advantage of even the kids.

LACK tables

For our cache take two pridivannyh table LAKIn any color, as well as acquire special furniture rails.

Rework steps:

1. Cut off the top layer of the table pridivannogo LAK.

Removing the top layer of LAK

2. Carefully remove cellular content of cardboard.

Cellular content of LAK

3. Insert the previously cut into the upper part of the table.

Rails for LAK

4. Attach rails on both sides of the opening portion of one rail to the bottom of the cache, the second - the upper (second table LAK), thereby to enable their movement.

5. Attach the legs to the table-cache.

Stash LACK photo

Cache pleysteyshn of the tables for LAK - ready!

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    Funny interesting solution, there are so many interesting alterations deserve attention and this is one of them. And even inexperienced people can learn that the main alteration.
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    Such taygnichok great help to hide from the curious toddler remotes for the TV and even a TV program. But judging by the volume of cache it can be stored and documents and a few packs of banknotes!

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