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Warm memories in the light of a desk lamp

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Photographic film in the coilWhat it means for you photo? Memory, history, imprinting important and very vital micro segment - all these capacious concepts are enclosed in a single photo. For a professional, in addition to other things, it is also a way of expression, possibly through the camera lens to convey what other people may never notice. Just do not pay attention. And Alterations heading for IKEA - is another consumable.

To create an amazing psychic lamps we will use not the photo, and the material, which is now largely ceded its position digital counterparts. We are talking about black and white or color photographic film. Surely everyone can find in the bins couple of coils "memories" or impressions, which is not so easy to leave voluntarily. And if you want them to not just somewhere to lay, and please you with their presence, reviving the memory bright moments, then our easy and possible modifications for you.

Frames on the film

We have already mentioned that one of the components is a film. Suitable for conversion and regular film slides. Desirably, it is a well was illuminated. This will only increase the visual effect. Pre-surface table lamp GRЁNE from the IKEA catalog to be treated with special glue. Then the perimeter of film wrap lamp fixing it thoroughly.

GRЁNE and film

Depending on what kind of "stuff" you have used, the lamp can get very personal thing. Enjoy her view, when you suddenly visited memories. Such a thing would be the perfect gift for a close friend.

Camera Roll on the table lamp

Anyway, after a soft light lights up, you and your loved ones will be covered from head warm nostalgic wave that will bring this amazing piece of furniture.

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