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TROFAST sensory develops in children

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TROFAST for childrenCertainly, many parents, if not read, then at least heard the name of the book discerning Japanese Masaru Ibuka "After three too late." The author strongly believes that the kid in the first three years is able to absorb the maximum amount of information. His brain is like a dry sponge greedily absorbing every drop of water that falls on it. At this stage, very much depends on the parents how much they are paying attention to the child's ability to create an environment conducive to the comprehensive development.

That's what the author rework Jay Leno. By the way, for his work, he adapted the garage from which to make a real studio. Jay himself - the happy father of two wonderful girls. For them, it is always something of the wizard. This time, he decided to make a device that will allow children to play with water, sand and other loose objects.

Remaking simple and does not require any special skills. Required for the manufacture of:

  •          frame system TROFAST;
  •          containers;
  •          legs Capito;
  •          bolts;
  •          cutting tool;
  •          paint, brush;
  •          sandpaper, ruler

Before picking TROFAST frameJay sanded all its parts. This was done in order to then cover them with varnish, as the system will be used both indoors and outdoors. The coating will protect it from the external environment. For these purposes, Jay used urethane gloss varnish for wood. It is perfectly possible to use any other.

Also, before you cover all the details of varnish on top worktop cut two holes containers. They should be placed along the edges so that between them would get a small table. And then proceed to the actual application varnish. On the sanded surface layer is applied first, then give dry for 4 hours. For maximum effect should be applied 3 layer.

TROFAST Daddy's hands

After collecting the entire structure. Fasten the lower part legs. In those places where the holes were cut, and you see that need to be strengthened, use bolts. Then insert our containers and apparatus for the development of sensory ready.

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    04.11.2014 09:07 | #
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    Super. What I like about these developments because it is the simplicity of their alterations. Even the most inexperienced person can make a useful little thing with his own hands from parts of the company Ikea.
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    07.11.2014 17:57 | #
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    Cool. Kids will enjoy playing with their toys and put in a locker. It is convenient, practical and not expensive at all and you can make yourself.
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    08.11.2014 03:35 | #
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    What else it is important in such alterations can choose the container colors to your taste or the interior of a child's room. I get two in one. And the development of motor skills and the procedure that will accustom the baby from childhood to a certain discipline.

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