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Convenient shelf for hallway

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Ready shelf for hallwayIn a comfortable and cozy accommodation everything should be left to chance, every thing must have its place, every corner of the apartment should be given to the functionality, only in this case, restoring order in the house will not cause unnecessary hassle. The idea, which we will discuss in this alteration, can be very useful approach for hall. This bizarre shelf well fill the gap between the doorways. Albeit this part of the house will be useful! You, in turn, will get the ideal solution for storing correspondence, various gadgets and chargers, as well as keys, gloves and other items have a property somewhere to disappear, especially before going out.

To create a comfortable roomy shelves need:

- KNUFF, Stand for logs, plywood - 3 pcs .;
- BEHANDLA, Stain or paint any;
- Regiment;
- Bracket, L-shaped - 3 pcs .;
- Screws;
- Drill.

Step 1:

Start processing shelves! If you do it yourself, out of the ordinary piece of wood, then first you need to measure the area that you plan to fix it, do not forget that under the shelf should be well placed 2 3 or stand for magazines. Once the dimensions of the future will be determined by all of the shelves, resulting carefully abrade the workpiece.

Step 2:

Stain for processing

Tool for rework

Preparing for the alteration

Now we need to give our shelf, and along with a coffee stand beautiful aesthetic appearance. Paint them in whichever color, But if you want to keep the texture of wood, then why not have recourse to BEHANDLA - stains from IKEA. It includes linseed oil, wood, and dye - it will not only give your shelf beautiful perfect appearance, but also make it more resistant to wear and durable.

Step 3:

Fasten mounting

Ready mount

Divide the shelf into three equal parts and is attached to the marked locations brackets. Then use the level vymeryat and make a mark for the screws on the wall, hang the shelf. The final stage of this alteration will mount KNUFF - Journal nailed to the wall with a shelf.

Wall mounting

Hang a shelf in terms of

Now our shelf hallway ready! You do not have to leave home for a long time to look for clues, as well as store and numeracy on the coffee table, for all this, there is a designated area that we are just organized.

Shelf design with their own hands

If in the area there is also a shelf and socket, then you can take this corner in the hallway ideal place to recharge the phone.

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