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"Taming of the Shrew" and IKEA to the rescue

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IKEA storage necktiesAlready it is no secret that designers and developers IKEA furniture and accessories make our lives easier and more comfortable. If past performance can not be achieved when using IKEA products as it is, in the original form, then comes to the rescue fantasy and creative thinking. Today's remake will bring order to the dressing room. The modern men wardrobe usually a few different neckties. Colour and pattern on the tie are selected according to other wardrobe items and activities. For everyday wear, usually used neckties in dark colors with a repeating or one large pattern, which is not very attracts attention.

Tie It is one of the few accessories, which is not always possible to find a suitable place in the wardrobe. It is important to keep so that he did not lose his appearance. It's the kind of thing that gets in the number of items of clothes, immediately catches the eye when you appear in front of an audience. So do is attempt to "tame" him with the help of IKEA!

So, if you are an ardent fan of wearing ties and you have so much that we have to spend a lot of time to find the right color and style, reserved by the following set and start simple manipulations:

To implement the idea of ​​release in your cabinet place on the size of the hanger KOMPLEMENT IKEA. These 35 cm miraculously will order things will save you a lot of time and nerves. Just something you need to drill a couple of holes to secure the holder to the cabinet wall with screws. "Shelter" tie and trousers ready for use.


Do not worry about the fact that ties will constantly fall off and you will have to constantly correct them. The creative designers of IKEA took everything into account and provided the KOMPLEMENT hanger with a non-slip coating that will help keep things in place. Depending on your needs, holders You can fix a few, placing them in the form of stairs. With this configuration improves the visual review, and all your ties will be constantly visible. In this position, they will retain their shape and will not appear wrinkled or untidy.


In our case it was embodied exclusively male version, but it can be easily transformed under accessories for women, including women and ties.

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