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Cozy FELSE from IKEA

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This cozy FELSE

Have you ever wondered what you mean the word "comfort"? For some - a spacious apartment with a maximum benefits of civilization and new-fangled devices. But for others - a few things or pieces of furniture that are dear to your heart and are a kind of cozy "nest." Due to the alteration of the bed Series FELSE from IKEA, you might as well not just buy a little thing, but also to create her own hands, that give the product the warmth and comfort will not leave you on the first day of its operation.

You will need:

  • double bed frame FELSE;
  • veneer sheets of good quality pre-cut into pieces of 140h79 cm;
  • pine timber length 15 2,5 cm and a thickness cm;
  • batting / foam;
  • cloth;
  • gun and staples for furniture, screws, screwdriver.

Description of the process:

First, we need to frame bed FELSEHe is strong enough, is made of solid pine. Natural wood not only has a pleasant smell, but is distinguished by its environmentally friendly, easy to fit to the interior style of the country or another.

Bed frame FELSE

Then wrap it with foam and fix a material Staple it and securing it with straps reliability that subsequently tissue it is flat, without blemish. For more comfort, you can still add layer of felt fabric. Felt choose standard quality at budget price.

Finishing FELSE foam

Bed with high headboard planned to do this, take a large sheet of plywood, pre-measurement of what size you need. Next to drill pilot holes and fasten with screws headboard. For the stability of the bed also install support beams, pre-committing them with glue and screws.

Finishing FELSE cloth

Fasten upholstery FELSE

Finishing the head FELSE

Sheathing headboard FELSE

The next step - Cabin Beds. Pay particular attention to finishing corners material, it should be done very carefully. If you are not sure about the color of your chosen fabric, you can pre-apply it and see how it will look in the distance. At choosing fabrics refer to the fact that the bed - it is the most important area of ​​comfort and tranquility in the home, so too bright colors are not welcome.

The finished product FELSE

Foot of the bed can be painted in the color of skin, or in any echoing her tone, and the corners decorate decoration - buttons, braid, etc..

So cozy bed ready, we recommend using IKEA catalog to select the necessary accessories and interior elements, such as, for example, a floor lamp or a chest of drawers in the bed upholstery color.

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