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Knit cape for Poeng

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Armchair PoengMany of us suffer from a very common disease called materialism. This fact, existing in human nature, can not be denied. Just everyone has their own level and type of your addiction. Someone uncontrollably buy everything, someone from the apartment suits a small clothing store, just in case, and someone just can not part with the only thing that brings a bit of comfort in every day life. Extend the life of old chair Poeng in a friendly company foot stools. Their separate existence is difficult to imagine. Chair frame is made of wood and the like requires continued. 

If IKEA did not come up with footstool, it would be contrived in this category. The back Poeng has sufficient height and tilt to be happy you can take a break from sitting directly behind the screen or monitor, stretching her legs on a stool Adjacent to see the next issue of your favorite gear. How can you voluntarily part with so cozy furniture attribute! For more convenient use of the chair is equipped with soft cushions for the seat, headrest. All Covers removable and machine washable. Despite this undeniable plus, eventually covers are deteriorating and losing their visual appeal. To make the chair Poeng updated look, simply replace the design of pillows. Knit Case for Poeng Anchoring Case You can find the right fabric quality and stylish colors that fit into the interior. Cut and sew to do new cases? But it's incredibly boring. We also offer a version of the update a bit of a different kind - to tie a cape Poeng и foot stools from the eponymous series. The pattern can be completely arbitrary, as well as the color solution.

Updated Poeng: rear view Updated Poeng: frontal view Such a thing in the interior emphasize individuality and creativity master room. Knitted decorative elements bring some inexplicable warmth, beauty and its unique charm. Several skeins of colored yarn, hook your favorite scheme for knitting and, of course, a bit of perseverance, of course, the result will please you.

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