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Hand Maid - so easy to do!

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Hand Maid from IKEALike all advanced and newfangled, determination process of doing things with their hands, came to us from the West. Hand made, that sounds like a Russian interpretation Hand Maid, Implies the exclusive, uniqueness and authorship of the work. Sewing dolls, painting bottles, weaving of beads, making flower compositions, postcards, costume jewelry, cosmetics and even soap are all indicated by the trademark "made by hand" and can be considered a hobby or, more simply, hobbies that, with due attention, are capable of Transform into the cause of your whole life. And there is a lot of evidence for this. This concept is so widespread and multifaceted that they are even referred to those things that were once bought, and later something added to or completely underwent a radical alteration.

Well, we are creating together with IKEA. Since the company's products Hand Maid ideas just hover in the air. It remains only to catch them and put into practice.

Prior to the New Year celebrations a lot of time, but the windows are already full of reports about holiday discounts, beckoning to get a fluffy artificial Christmas tree, beauty, dozhdichnoy tinsel and other attributes. We, as always, we offer our readers use the technique hand maid. Decoration in giving the atmospheric mood in any holiday plays an important role, and when you are a party to it, the fun becomes doubly enjoyable.

The result of our today's rework easily not only decorate the walls of your home. These cute little things should be fine as decorations for the Christmas tree or for a small, but nice gifts. Required for their manufacture:

  • Stands for hot HIT;
  • cloth (in our example TIDNI, EVALOTTA);
  • braid;
  • scissors, glue, markers.

Stands for hot HIT

Cloth series TIDNI


Support under hot made of cork, which is easy and convenient to operate. Since it 19 cm in diameter and height 3 cm, then we have to cut the tissue following the same size plus margin for bending. We coat the surface of the adhesive and is mounted on the cradle cloth, and with it also make a loop. With the help of this element is fixed to the wall decor. So you can do with a cloth EVALOTTA.

Hand Maid decor

For example, the fabric TIDNI provides more opportunities for creativity. Using markers quickly and easily create your own pattern.

Art Hand Maid

If you wish, you can always supplement podstavochki decorative ornaments in the form of ribbons, beads and other materials, thus making a touch of novelty.

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    Tamara B.

    11.11.2014 10:48 | #
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    Just a great idea for decoration. I liked in the first place that make such beauty can be inexpensively and from spodruchneyh materials!
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    13.11.2014 01:50 | #
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    But I now think that this ornament is suitable not only for the kitchen, although used cork stand under hot for him. The main thing to pick up the material and pattern to create. The options just a sea. Thanks for the idea)

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