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Storage for those who like "Bijou"

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Bijouterie It is an integral part of the image of representatives of the fair sex, which emphasizes the style and personality. Advantages that distinguish jewelry from jewelry They include a variety of decorative solutions, models and sizes, as well as affordable price. In general, jewelry is considered a democratic kind of accessories. But, nevertheless, do not all jewelry is affordable. among these decorations there is a category of elite that, in fact, are not inferior to jewelry made of precious metals. This and beads made from natural stones and jewelry with Swarovski crystals and Murano glass.

More affordable handmade jewelry, but using artificial pearls, textiles, plastic and leather. Among a variety of Jewelery everyone can choose a trendy, stylish and high-quality decorations. But where to store all this abundance of rings, earrings and beads? This question is answered our present trouble.

So, you guessed it, today we are going tinkering special device for storage jewelery and jewelry. Also with this invention will be found to place gum pins and other hair accessories.

We need:

2 RATIONELL shelf insert into VARERA
1 GRUNDTAL magnetic strips
3 GRUNDTAL container (1 package)
1 shelf for pictures RIBBA
1 roof rails clasp
1 packaging S-hook clasp

Inserts in the regiment of the series RATIONELL VARERA mounted directly to the wall. The holes in the shelf will serve as mounts for earrings. Magnetic Strap GRUNDTAL It will be used to secure the earrings, rings and clips. A shelf for paintings Ribby perfect for storing bracelets.

GRUNDTAL magnetic strips

Reisling collection clasp

The roof rail clasp Canopy S-hooks and shall, as appropriate, in such a way to store necklaces and other accessories.
Clasp S-hooksAs you can see, our organizer will carefully distribute jewelry and jewelry, as well as hair accessories and adapt it to your needs and store favorite detail.
Organizer for jewelry

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