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Zoning bathroom

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Benno bathroomThe current mess can be called unusual. Unusual not in the sense that it is unique. It may be fully considered unexpected. Its main elements are 2 rack for the DVD series of products Bennu in black and brown, flowers or other plants, flower pots and roof rails for towels. The idea is new, but not for living rooms, and is really new to translate and use the bathroom. Particularly relevant it seems to coincide with the bath tub.

Zoning interior - A modern design course. Zoning can be organized using gispokartonnyh designs, sliding doors, shelving and other elements. We implement zoning in the bathroom with the help of the IKEA furniture. 

To start take the rack Bennu for DVD in the amount of two pieces. Parse them into separate elements. One part of the leave as a stand for flower pots, it will be attached to the remaining elements that form a kind of design-box.

Start of rework

To the resulting housing puts another half rack Bennu and firmly secured it with screws and screwdriver.

Additional element

That's what we should be able to:

The frame of the Bennu

To make the accuracy and aesthetic appearance of our flower rack, paste over it special tape using a conventional iron. The key is that the tape becomes sticky when heated, and readily secured to any surface.

Glue tape

It remains to close the rear of the rack. For this we can use a conventional veneer of the desired size, the more this part is visible. But it is better to take a leaf Particleboard or Fiberboard color rack.

We fix the wall

Continue to strengthen roof rails. For convenience, we'll do it before placing in a niche flower pots.

Tool modifications

The design is ready! Decorate her favorite potted plants or flowers. Hang for Towelie hands on roof rail. And formed the side niches fill figurines and statuettes. You can also use nicheFor example, for shampoos and shower gels. 

Ready for bathroom design

Should warn readers that the bathroom anyway accumulate moisture and dampness. And if you want to stand last a long time, you can cover it with a protective varnish or special stains, for example, of a series of BEHANDLA or Ward.

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