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IKEA Advertising Campaign

Advertising campaigns IKEA in the world

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IKEA advertising campaign in support of the new catalog 2015Recently, we have wrote the imminent IKEA catalog 2015. In this catalog, the company paid special attention to the bedrooms and bathrooms, as in its opinion, these rooms are some of the most important in the house. Today we would like to tell you about a campaign in support of the new directory. As with almost all the advertising campaigns that IKEA is distinguished by its creativity and uniqueness. A key figure in this campaign is a hypnotist transit Justin and his experiments on young people, visitors to IKEA stores. So, meet the new sparkling IKEA advertising campaign - Take a look at your future together with IKEA.

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Advertising beds IKEAThe British branch of the Swedish furniture giant IKEA in tandem with a London agency Mother London gave birth to a third clip from the series The Wonderful Everyday. At this time infomercial dedicated beds. It is a surreal video created sensations experienced in a dream everyone who chose IKEA bed. The video is taken with the assistance of the famous director Juan Cabral advertising.

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Advertising in the bag17 2014 year in June and blooming iris Valencia, The third largest Spanish city began its work shop retail chain IKEA. This is a dynamic and diverse city. In order to stop even for a moment looking at him and attract the attention of people for such an event as the opening of a supermarket, ikeevtsy resorted to the use of the original outdoor advertising. This is a very effective marketing move: on the coverage and effectiveness of outdoor advertising in their performance is second only to television formats.

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IKEA advertising campaignIKEA, like any other global brand nameCan be about anything to blame. The company's products can even do not like or seem too cheap production, based on the weight. However, stubborn numbers suggest otherwise. The number of admirers of the brand grows, and the multi-million profit increases from year to year. Rare overview advertising campaigns without the participation of IKEA. But these competent marketing courses are also designed to have with you, and to increase our loyalty.

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Blind chef in the kitchen METHODWe try not to miss, and constantly writing about the all IKEA promotions. Certainly, members of our club have noticed that whether it is a competition or a new product launch or sales promotion of goods previous collections, it is always creative, fresh and positive. Of the latter, recall campaigns positive video about METHOD - New product from IKEA kitchen. Furniture manufacturer did not stop and continued to show multiple advantages of the new product development IKEA.

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