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IKEA Advertising Campaign

Advertising campaigns IKEA in the world

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Kitchen METHODComfort, convenience, aesthetics. The presence of these three components in interior require any room in the apartment or house. His special orientation they find in the kitchen setting. Indeed, it has long ceased to be a place used for cooking. Here the whole family at breakfast or dinner in the output, when all returned home. There are intimate conversations over a cup of coffee. And here spend their time and kids while mom is busy cooking. Because it is important that the situation in the kitchen was positioned and functional. All this under the force to carry out together with IKEA.

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Posters in the distanceWith the new advertising campaign IKEA will make colored gray Belgian weekdays. It is planned to be implemented through the implementation of new products, which will tell customers specially designed posters, which have no analogues. The essence of a series of posters that from a distance they look like normal rectangles of different colors. To poster also indicate the price and product name. However, if you come closer and closer look, we will see the idea of ​​advertising agency DDB Brussels.

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Life in the morningIKEA had interesting experimentAs a result of which have been published as people spend the morning in 8-of the largest cities in the world. The report is called "Life at Home: A World Wakes Up", which means "life at home: the world wakes up." As for cities research were chosen Moscow, Berlin, Shanghai, Paris, Stockholm, New York, London and Mumbai.

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Tri-color billboardAnd you know how to maximize the space? IKEA knows a good judge! The company presented to the new billboardWhere coexist for three inscriptions. This is quite an interesting and non-trivial way to advertise, and with a space saving exactly three times. billboard developers invented know-how, depending on the backlight changing the advertising message, which is shown in red, green, and blue color (RGB - red, green, blue).

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The man in green clothesIt has become a tradition. Again a short time, but, as always, capacious in content video from IKEA enters the slender ranks of masterpieces video... This time, the Swedish giant, in collaboration with McCann New York, presented everyday life without textile tenderness and comfort. You cannot call it easy and pleasant. The creative team from McCann New York settled a young family with a small child in an unusual home.

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