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Advertising campaigns IKEA in the world

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Cover for Santa ClausTime flies and elusive. It has been on the verge of Christmas and New Year holidaysWho are looking forward to both adults and children. For some, it's a break from the daily routine of working, to rethink the past year and maybe start something from scratch. For others - sparklers, fun, letters to Santa Claus with cherished wish for this new year.

IKEA has also decided not to lag behind and ahead of the upcoming holidays has launched a good Christmas video that is downright spyware called "Under the guise of" (Eng. «Undercover»). IKEA Swedish Christmas and chief character in her own - Santa Claus. That he is the main hero of the Christmas video.

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Human billboard of IKEAFurniture concern IKEA has launched a new advertising campaign, in which the set literally live billboard in Paris. In a couple of meters above the ground, project participants, ordinary people, took a bath and showed other spa treatments in a makeshift bathroom in front of the astonished passers-by.

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The boy who wanted to grow upNew Italian commercial from IKEA teaches us that in no case can not throw the case halfway and abandon their desires. If very much want something, then this dream come true, and even furniture from IKEA will contribute to the realization of the dream.

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Grandfather and FrodoDo you love to travel? The question is rhetorical. Of course, the answer is yes. Who would not like to know them hitherto unseen, meet interesting people, spending time with benefits for body and soul. And, certainly, there are things that you do not leave and take them with you. And each their own: talismans, amulets, objects, binding and reminiscent of the house, and even the ability to make the journey comfortable.

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Playing with IKEAIKEA released commercial in a radically new format for himself - music. In this case, such a creative solution is behind the London advertising agency Mother. This time, IKEA looks away from the product itself, but will try to show what you can do at home. 

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