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Advertising campaigns IKEA in the world

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Bookcase IKEA in SydneyBeach. Scorching sun. From somewhere came the smell almost barbecue, sound slipped on the surface of the water scooter with a skier behind, happy squeals of children splashing on the shore, noisy conversations celebrating something big company. Here is a sample picture of our beach holiday. Swedish manufacturer IKEA furniture offers a variety of leisure travelers and at the same time enrich themselves intellectually.

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Say using bedAnother advertising stock IKEA struck by its originality. However, as always. At this time, IKEA offers embroidery messages on mattresses. Advertising campaign is officially titled "Say it with the help of bed"(Swedish sounds" Sag det med en sang "). This promotion offers customers the opportunity to pre-order for the embroidery bed and make a gift to someone who is on the verge of a "new page" in their lives. As many as eight weeks IKEA employees spent to select eight winners, the message which will be immortalized in a series of mattresses IKEA. They will be made with the help of a professional embroidery machine. Bidders were given a difficult task to get into a small number of winners.

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Barbie and sonThe new advertising campaign by IKEA again surprised fans Swedish furniture. She went under the creative and significant title «Make Small Spaces Big», that, in essence, means the maximum use of even the most small spaces and turning them into full and comfortable accommodation. And it is this, according to IKEA designers can qualitatively affect the comfort in the house and warm family relationships.

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Colors of the rainbow with IKEAEvery year, its presence in the market launch of IKEA notes new catalog. The company on colorful pages again and again is a qualitatively new relationship to the house, its arrangement, offering revolutionary ideas that make our home as comfortable as possible. In support of their catalogs IKEA conducts advertising campaigns, trying to outshine the last year in scale. 2013 was no exception. In anticipation of the release of the catalog, IKEA organized a real holiday under the slogan “Include color! '. For a short time Visitors Gorky Park could become a makeshift home features a large living room, kitchen, bedroom and nursery. Organizers of the event with the help of theatrical shows with dressing area and master classes showed how easily and simply change the color filling the rooms, give a special charm to the room with the help of textiles.

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French unit IKEA excelled once creative advertising campaign. This time it is colonized by five men in a specially designed apartment in the Paris Metro. The concept of the advertising campaign was devised agency Ubi Bene.

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