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IKEA Advertising Campaign

What can we build a house?

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IKEA held a new global study, which name was given - "From what the house is built". What does it mean for all of us the word "house"? It's just a living space, and perhaps even our loved ones or our emotions? What makes our home special? This is the third in a row researchDedicated to life in the house, his goal - to learn how important house in the lives of people in different parts of our planet. After all, understanding the needs, desires and dreams of people, IKEA becomes clear that people want to change the house, which they may not have enough and therefore this knowledge, creating new products. Marcus EngmanWho is the head of department of development of IKEA design expresses its full confidence in the fact that with this knowledge, companies will be able to improve people's lives and make them happier.

Of what house is built, according to participants survey? By the way, participated in the survey were neither more nor less - more than 12,5 thousand people between the ages of 18 to 80 years, living in Madrid, Zurich, Toronto, Sydney, Shanghai, Paris, New York, Mumbai, London, Berlin, Stogkolme. and Moscow. What associations, emotions and feelings makes people home? In response to questions from the IKEA people around the world often use the word "vacation", "comfort", "comfort", "love", "security". 47% of Moscow residents responded that the house associate them with a specific odor. This is natural, because the smell is always closely connected with the memories, emotions and mood. Most can not explain exactly what the smell reminds them of home, but some people call the specific flavors, for example, the smell of food cooked mother. 63% of the total number of respondents are prepared to create a special home feeling, by the way in Moscow this figure was as much as 73%, more than in other cities.

Lots of light

The next thing in the house was named light. However, 18% of people who took part in the survey stressed that they live in houses too bright. Tactile sensations were another important item on the list, most of them mentioned the inhabitants of Stockholm and Madrid. Moscow and Berlin were at 6 place. Music also it creates a feeling of home to 59% of respondents. As for Muscovites and residents of other cities, not only items of furniture and accessories are the most important in the house, as well as pleasant things, such as decorative figurines, books, utensils fully reflect the person's character (40%), reminiscent of pleasant moments of life (46%), make life at home more enjoyable and comfortable (44%). New things make happy 36% of Muscovites and 57% of people in other cities. 53% minimum cost of things in the house, in terms of MoscowAnd the average figure for the whole city was 19%. Practical shopping makes half the population of Moscow, compared with the total number of respondents - 27%, this figure is quite significant. After all the extra stuff does not only require extra spending, not always justified, but also hinder the maintenance of order in the house.

Communication with family

House - This is the best place for relationships, 66% sure that it is at home, they often communicate with their loved ones, just 16% prefer to communicate via the Internet. Personal space valued 44% of Moscow residents, it helps them to feel more comfortable at home. For residents of other cities is as important as the result on this issue was 28%. Additional free time 48% would prefer to spend the remaining family respondents wouldn't mind being alone. 

There were those for whom the house - it is only a specific location, 2% of Muscovites expressed exactly this opinion. For 47% of the respondents 'home' - it's neighbors, and the area where they live. The study also showed that many people want to feel homelinessWhile away from home. Therefore 63% rent housing from the local people while traveling.

The head of the research department of IKEA said that the company carried out this research with great interest and enthusiasm, it is possible to find out what dream people around the world, what their desires and dreams, and draw your own conclusions, in order to take account of all this when creating new collections.

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