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Let's talk to each other compliments ...

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Talking MirrorAs they say, a kind word and a cat is nice. What can we say about people. All of us had a favorite IKEA entertaining researchAnd the result turned into a very unusual invention. Now, first things first. As it turned out, more than half of the respondents do not receive compliments. As acknowledged by a little more than 25% of the respondents, one is able to decorate a kind word day in bright tones, dramatically change the mood in a positive way, and even self-esteem. A 68% of the total number of survey participants shared the fact that Monday morning - this time accompanied by melancholy and bad mood.

IKEA has decided to make a contribution and somehow make a difference. Of course, each and every one to bestow compliment the company did not succeed, but many visitors to London's shops have been able to get a positive piece of IKEA.

Mirror, saying compliments

Each IKEA store, which are located in LondonWere mounted mirrors. At first glance, nothing unusual. But when a customer came closer to him and saw him as a reflection, a mirror is saying something nice. Moreover it can be read just uttered "looking-glass" voice phrase. "You look amazing today," or, "Honey, your dress stunning." And how do you this compliment: "What a magnificent beard!" Or: "Was on vacation? You look so relaxed. "

Mirror in London

Gift from the mirror

The developers did their best. B зеркало were embedded sensors Kinect from Microsoft. It is thanks to them that the miracle mirror could "see" people and recognize that they are wearing, whether there is a beard and similar nuances in appearance.

Goal project achieved and implemented. Almost 2-minute clip shows the x genuine emotions - smiles and transformation of people approached to the very mirror. But it makes a simple thing - gives compliments, and with them, and good humor with which to shop at IKEA becomes many times more enjoyable. Successful acquisitions and you kind words in your address.

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