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IKEA helps to believe in themselves

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The boy who wanted to grow upNew Italian commercial from IKEA teaches us that in no case can not throw the case halfway and abandon their desires. If very much want something, then this dream come true, and even furniture from IKEA will contribute to the realization of the dream.

One day a little boy wanted to get the box, which is unfortunate happened to be on the top shelf. Kid climbed on the ladder, but even that did not help him to reach the desired object, what do you do in that case? The boy, without thinking twice, just decides to grow for the next day, because somehow it is necessary to get the box.

On the doorjamb kid made a mark, it is up to it had to be more to grow. But how can grow in one day?

It seems that adults say, if it is necessary to engage in sports, to become bigger and stronger, so a new day a little boy starts doing morning exercises. When it's time to breakfast, kid remembers mom tips that should be good to eat, and otherwise grow up, so that the boy immediately began to eat or even neglected additive.

Usually flowers grow when watered them, maybe a little boy can grow if they are watered? Well, you need to check, and that's grandfather, watering flowers, notes that in addition to a bed of plants is also little grandson.

Half a day has passed, so the kid had to grow up a little, as befits a big boy, he should sleep in the big bed, so parents helped the child to push the couch.

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Who, if not older brother, knows how to grow up quickly, because he himself somehow become so big. Boy pulls little brother behind him, so he did his hair, just like an adult, suddenly a secret in this?

And of course the dream! Everyone knows that people grow it in a dream. Time too late and the baby safely asleep in his little bed.

In the morning, the boy looks with anticipation at the doorway with a drawn mark and runs to measure his height and ... Oh, a miracle! He has just grown to the required level, which means that now he will certainly be able to get the box. The kid reaches for the object, and at this time, the grandfather with a smile watches the efforts of his grandson, now the box is already in the boy's hands and he takes it with a smile on his face. Grandfather looks after his grandson, smiling and hiding a screwdriver in his hands. After all, he made the top shelf in the closet a little lower. This is how the furniture from IKEA helped one boy to believe in himself.

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