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Life at home: Let's Relax

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In late July, the company released IKEA videothat motivates viewers to take their minds off their cell phones and focus on dinner with their family. In the first part of the video, its creators show how in the 17th century people could live without Instagram. To do this, the artist should have been done a long way through the city and share their art. In the video, the family only had time to gather around the table and everyone wants to start the meal, but suddenly there is an artist who begins to draw a picture of what is happening. When ready Still, he sneaked across the city in order to be appreciated. And only after obtaining the approval of a public family starts dinner.

In the second part Movie It shows the same situation, but with a modern twist. Before proceeding to dinner, head of the family, rather than to enjoy a meal, make a photo, while the rest of the family members look at it disapprovingly.

video creators came to this idea after the annual report titled IKEA "Life at home". It was a presentation, during which representatives of the company spoke about how family life was investigated 12,000 people of the largest cities around the world: Shanghai, Paris, New York, Moscow, Berlin, Zurich and others. It turned out that the majority of people polled are dissatisfied with the fact that they can not find time for cooking at home, and it has an impact on their view of family life.

More than half of the respondents told that they use the Internet and social networks to find ideas cooking meals at home. Many feel inferior because of the fact that they can not fulfill the standards of food processing, who see the World Wide Web. Respondents also mentioned that glad to see your kitchen clean and clutter their upsets.

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