IKEA Advertising Campaign

Life in the Paris Metro

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French unit IKEA excelled once creative advertising campaign. This time it is colonized by five men in a specially designed apartment in the Paris Metro. The concept of the advertising campaign was devised agency Ubi Bene.

At the station Auber IKEA placed flat of 54 square meters, fully furnished with its furniture. In this apartment will hold 6 5 days young people. The walls of the apartments are fully transparent and the life of these "lucky" Visitors will be able to watch all of the metro station.

People in the apartment will lead his normal life: go to work, watch TV, talk, read and partying. A 13 January this apartment IKEA throw a party for their fans.

Observe the life of Parisians can be on channel IKEA France on YouTube.

The company IKEA is not the first time such suit creative promotions. Very often in this matter is different French unit. So 2010 year IKEA organized a lottery "In bed with IKEA", the winners of which spent the night in a Parisian music-holl, except that in the same year, IKEA has converted several stations Paris metro to your taste.


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