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RGB-billboard - "three in one"

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Tri-color billboardAnd you know how to maximize the space? IKEA knows a good judge! The company presented to the new billboardWhere coexist for three inscriptions. This is quite an interesting and non-trivial way to advertise, and with a space saving exactly three times. billboard developers invented know-how, depending on the backlight changing the advertising message, which is shown in red, green, and blue color (RGB - red, green, blue).

Advertising slogans are transparent to the consumer the idea. The development took place with the help of German creators of advertising agencies Thjnk, as well as with the participation of studio I Made This, by special order IKEA Germany. Above the idea and concept worked best billboard creative and art experts.

Billboard for IKEA Germany

This is the latest example of how we can modernize the way of giving of advertising. Manual IKEA believes that if you are limited in the free space, you need to use "smart" and extraordinary ideas. And this applies not only to frame and decorations, but most of the advertising space.

Night lights billboard

Thus, there are three ideas, three colors and three variants of illumination. 9 square meters turned into a whole 27! And now the one billboard is more than just a familiar sight billboards.

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Use space wisely, inspired by ideas from IKEA!

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