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Wedding online

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The new advertising campaign is IKEA, which so far is only valid on the territory of Sweden, has surprised everyone with his unexpected themes. At this time, the Swedish manufacturer has launched a new service dedicated to the wedding. It is understandable, IKEA has positioned itself as a company that is important the family. This is evidenced by the numerous promotions, collections and videos. Family and romance theme is present in almost everything they do designers. 

The new service is called Wedding OnlineAnd the name speaks for itself, although the scale of his ideas and the development of truly astounding. Couples can spend their wedding ceremony online. Moreover, the ceremony can invite everyone to friends.

Wedding Online

The service function is incorporated siting ceremony, among them there are a circus tent, and the roofs of the city, and the quiet beach, and even a fairy-tale forest. Each of the proposed virtual wedding venues have hyperlinks to the home furnishings and decor that are relevant to the theme and style of the ceremony.

Wedding online

Thus, if you have a desire to spend real exit marriage registration, All the necessary goods and accessories will be available in shopping centers IKEA.



Wedding Invitations Swedish manufacturer offers sent via Social Network Facebook and make seating guests by putting their faces in a special window. Moreover, even the service provided outfits for guests evening dresses and suits.

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