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Grandfather and FrodoDo you love to travel? The question is rhetorical. Of course, the answer is yes. Who would not like to know them hitherto unseen, meet interesting people, spending time with benefits for body and soul. And, certainly, there are things that you do not leave and take them with you. And each their own: talismans, amulets, objects, binding and reminiscent of the house, and even the ability to make the journey comfortable.

We also offer you to join the ranks of more than 2 million. Enthusiastic spectators have viewed movie masterpiece from IKEAWhich clearly demonstrates this. At that time the Swedish giant confirms that simplicity, and with it, and amenities that has furniture from IKEA, can bring a lot of positive emotions.

This little story began simply enough. Grandpa went out to the usual walk in the park to feed the birds, did not find a place for themselves on your favorite store. And he found a brilliant solution: went to the IKEA store and bought Frodo - Folding chair redWho becomes his faithful companion. In the catalog He is also represented in gently turquoise и dark gray. Lightweight, equipped with a curved backrest, seat depth chair is easy to use, it can be folded and wearing ... under his arm. Feed the birds, listen to street guitarist relax after dance lessons with a beautiful lady, play backgammon in the company has become easier than ever. After all, it does not need to look for an empty seat - it is always with him!

And now, a favorite chair goes with his grandfather on a journey. There are skeptics who say that such a thing is very bulky and uncomfortable to travel to carry. Our answer: look rollerAnd the idea of ​​Frodo change radically. The hero there are no difficulties, because this simple piece of furniture brings the joy of fellowship with all who met on his way.

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In the final video pretty shabby and the re-chair is returned to the park, and grandfather sent to the store for a bright and unforgettable experience that will give him back the purchase. In an unobtrusive way that positive video encourages not hesitate, do not be afraid to start something new or change your life. There are a lot of interesting things that we have not seen and do not know. Limiters and stop signs abound, so let's not create them yourself!

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