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IKEA Advertising Campaign

Surprises and you will notice!

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IKEA advertising campaignIKEA, like any other global brand nameCan be about anything to blame. The company's products can even do not like or seem too cheap production, based on the weight. However, stubborn numbers suggest otherwise. The number of admirers of the brand grows, and the multi-million profit increases from year to year. Rare overview advertising campaigns without the participation of IKEA. But these competent marketing courses are also designed to have with you, and to increase our loyalty.

Thus, in cooperation with the German advertising agency Thjnk AG, IKEA has demonstrated a very creative technique to present their bedroom products, namely beds. Developed a series of prints, see the light, accompanied by the slogan: "Where the family begins". They joined the world's best collection of printed advertising works published in May 2014 years.

The idea is simple prints. At the heart of - family treeWhere a portrait of each couples placed images beds with their year of release. According to the management of the company IKEA, prints serve as a guide in choosing a bed for buyers.

Sponsored family prints

But imagine for print alone bed it would be too simple, obvious and boring. At the end of ikeevskogo tree under the photo of one of the couples waiting for a surprise and causing involuntary smile image table, washing machine or sink. Yes, instead of a bed. Even the delicate issue of procreation IKEA managed to beat humor, without losing the advertising component.

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