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«Undercover» - cover for Santa Claus

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Cover for Santa ClausTime flies and elusive. It has been on the verge of Christmas and New Year holidaysWho are looking forward to both adults and children. For some, it's a break from the daily routine of working, to rethink the past year and maybe start something from scratch. For others - sparklers, fun, letters to Santa Claus with cherished wish for this new year.

IKEA has also decided not to lag behind and ahead of the upcoming holidays has launched a good Christmas video that is downright spyware called "Under the guise of" (Eng. «Undercover»). IKEA Swedish Christmas and chief character in her own - Santa Claus. That he is the main hero of the Christmas video.

With his assistant he arrives in one of the many IKEA stores. But it is not so easy to learn. Their usual red suit with a cheerful hood he changed to green baseball cap, a sheepskin coat and blue jeans. For more conspiracy dressed in his dark glasses. From the image of Santa had only stayed long gray hair, a beard. Adults did not recognize him, but children are not up to snuff!

Santa came to Ikea to choose and buy gifts. Over a large area store He wandered for illustrative pavilions that look like full-fledged taken separately room. They can see the kitchen, sit back and "try on" over a particular piece of furniture. Tasted the rice pudding, taking in front of astonished visitors a whole bowl. It's his favorite treat.

Do whatever is necessary to the famous Santa Claus hot dog from IKEA and a big bag over his shoulder, full just bought Christmas gifts sent to the machine. There he waits assistant and asked not declassified anyone of the main character Christmas holidays. Santa is confident that went completely unnoticed. But we all know where to choose good gifts.

Christmas begins with IKEA. Take a look and you're in one of the stores and, certainly, there exists what can please your loved ones.

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