Advertising campaigns IKEA in Russia

2007: Look to the future of their home. The new IKEA catalog - bolder thoughts!

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"In the next campaign, IKEA catalog, we continue the theme of change for the better, started in last year's advertising IKEA catalog (" Book of Changes "), - says Mikhail Choporov, strategic director of Instinct. - We want people to think more about the house, not lazy, not afraid to do the improvement of the most important places on earth. "

"We want to catalog IKEA has been a driving force for positive change and inspiring, so people kept it read back to it again and again. From our research we know that those who have studied the catalog in advance and prepare for the trip to the store, it is easier and will cope with the procurement, leaving us happier than those who have not studied the catalog. And come back often! "- says Polina Pashkevich, advertising manager of IKEA.





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