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Advertising campaigns IKEA in Russia

Advertising campaigns IKEA in Russia

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Game ... Great if its importance in our lives? Perhaps the game is necessary for us every day, and it's fun, and communication, and creativity, which will be a great activity for the whole family. The modern world is full of stress and anxiety, and game - Is a great opportunity for rest and relaxation. Designers IKEA found it necessary to offer a solution that will make everyday life more intense and involve people in the game. Within project IKEA has introduced a new collection of toys such as Latta и SAGOSKATT. Latte - a variety of toys and puzzles for the game at home and on the street, and SAGOSKATT - those soft toys, which were manufactured by children's drawings, taking part in the action called "For the children to play, and good deeds."

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Draw toy dreamsThe contest entitled "Draw the toy of their dreams", held annually by the company within IKEA charity campaign help those who want to learn. The essence of the competition was to draw a toy of their dreams. Finished drawings were posted on the website the voting option has been available for their favorite work. The final stage of the competition was held in the city of Älmhult in Sweden. For him, it was selected 20 best work for submission to the Russian participants at the international competition. There followed another qualifying round competition, Which resulted in the left 10 works drawn candidates from Taiwan, Belgium, Cyprus and Romania, the UK, Norway, the Netherlands, Croatia, as well as Spain and Malaysia.

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wake up loveIKEA Instinct advertising agency presented the continuation advertising campaign "We awake Love", which was held on the territory of Russia. And, of course, could not tie the creators arrival of spring with the action dedicated to love. So, let's wake up love again with IKEA! Traditionally, the advertising campaign is accompanied by a video clip, which is designed to transform all around and bring together people who love. 

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Wake up in the summer of loveIKEA again recalled its advertising campaign "Wake up love", but in an updated version of the summer. We already wrote about awakening of love feast и extension spring promotion. Campaign "Wake up love" for all this time has become a real large-scale brand of Swedish manufacturer. In anticipation of the summer IKEA also updated its commercial and presented a bright, cheerful and summery juicy story.

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Advertising campaignUntil now, the country walks stock "Wakes love" to support New IKEA Catalogue. And that's fine. After all, it is directly linked with the clean and light feeling. The Swedish giant has prepared a lot of surprises in the ongoing campaign. I'm sure many have time to visit an unusual cinemaThat is located in the "MEGA Khimki". It waited for visitors not familiar kinozalnye chairs and comfortable beds. Organizers created a situation truly disposing to, once again experience as pleasant and precious moments spent together with the loved ones we humans.

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