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Are you prepared for the new photo catalog IKEA 2015 ?!

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IKEA contestWe have already presented our readers Release Notes new catalog IKEA, Whose theme was the love in all its manifestations. And live this wonderful feeling in the house filled with warmth and tenderness. It was such an atmosphere helps to recreate the company IKEA.


Download the new IKEA catalog can 2015 here.

In support of its large-scale action takes place, which includes various activities. So Much Gorky Park will welcome visitors to the installation of 6-five thematic areas. All those wishing to have the opportunity to try on the ideological innovations for bedrooms, presented in the new catalog. And, not to pigeonhole, the next will be held already become a traditional event "Become the face of the cover!»

IKEA Catalogue

Starting from August 28 12 until October, all IKEA stores will be busy in the project of the photo shoots. By the way, specially created broker invites you to pre-register for 25 August. A lot of time it will not take, but will save this valuable resource for many people before shooting. If for some reason failed to pass registration on the site, do not worry. All you need to do is:

  • come to any shopping center MEGA;
  • to register;
  • make its own unique photos;
  • get a personal IKEA catalog;
  • take an active part in the online contest.

Awakens love

Everyone has a chance to "settle" on pages directory 2015. Creativity, originality in creating images for photo only welcome. The campaign organized a separate online competition. There are a few nominations: Wakes love awaken children Wakes bright Wakes family and wakes memories. The latter category is intended for those who have already participated in a competition held earlier, and show off your personal cover. And many probably has something to share. After all, the life segment of the photo contest has already reached 5-years of age. During this time, the created order 352 thousand unique artwork placed in the IKEA catalog. By the way, the participants online contest have a chance to win prizes from IKEA.

In that time IKEA charges and positive energy Love. Take the baton safely, and giving a beautiful people around you.

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