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Children's IKEAAgency Instinct (BBDO Russia Group) presented a video created as part of advertising IKEA campaign "to do what you want!". In the federal television channels broadcast the video appeared already 14 October. Thus, the Swedish manufacturer to provide children with the promised adventure.

Recall that the above campaign officially took place in August of this year, the creators have used it almost every possible means: traditional media directory for offline events and digital-activity.

The new commercial is a product of the main measures - Children's Festival titled "Create what you want." Creators for the shooting was drawn 19 children who are guests of the festival. The action was led by the world-famous Russian writer Grigory Oster, as well as the advertising operator and director Andrei Lukashevich. During an advertising campaign children participants gave full rein to their imagination, invented their own scripts, images and costumes.

IKEA children's kitchen

IKEA lamp

IKEA box on wheels

IKEA chest of drawers

IKEA working style

IKEA transparent style

Nicholas Jonsson, who is head of marketing retail chain IKEA in the Russian Federation, said that they did not just come up with a slogan called "Be creative you want"But they also followed him, that is, they do what they want. For example, children are invited to paint banners, advertising shoot, try themselves in various creative professions.

As part of the creative team that created "a film about the film" came not only Nicholas Jonsson, and takde Nizhnik Anna, Anna Fokine, Olga and Margarita Trukets Lefikayte. Creative designers from the agency Instinct made Roman Firayner and Yaroslav Orlov.

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