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Advertising campaigns IKEA in Russia

In the summer we also wake up the love

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Wake up in the summer of loveIKEA again recalled its advertising campaign "Wake up love", but in an updated version of the summer. We already wrote about awakening of love feast и extension spring promotion. Campaign "Wake up love" for all this time has become a real large-scale brand of Swedish manufacturer. In anticipation of the summer IKEA also updated its commercial and presented a bright, cheerful and summery juicy story.

Video clip moves us in the country, that has always been associated with recreation in the company of loved ones and friends. Family holidays in nature - that is subject summer advertising campaign, children and parents relax, enjoy life and everyone is happy. This is the story of one summer day in the country in a comfortable environment for rest and sleep. 

"Wake up love" - communication campaignWhich is likely to be continued. Head of Marketing retailer IKEA - Anna Nizhnik - said that in August, is scheduled to launch the new IKEA catalog and supplement its communication campaigns. What? But it's still a secret. 

Recall the first time the campaign "We awake Love" appeared in the summer 2014 years. The composition of the creative team almost always the same: managers Nizhnik A., A. Fokin - representatives from IKEA and creative staff advertising agency Instinct (Y. Orlov, R. Firayner) have shown in the fruitful results of joint activities.

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