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Open the door wide open: spring and IKEA are already on the verge of

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Spring cameHide the phony down jackets, shaggy fur coats, warm hats and scarves away in the closet. Giving way to a light and bright colors that are sure to accompany each arrival of spring. Taking care of a wardrobe upgrade, do not pass by your house. For IKEA to the arrival of a new season prepared thoroughly.

Wake up from hibernation and look for spring to IKEA! With such an appeal on TV appeal to all children. They were finalists recently conducted by the Swedish manufacturer competitionAnd in the award took an active part in the filming of a new commercial. By the way, this is not the first experiment on the involvement of young talents in the process of creating this kind of masterpieces. We have already enjoyed watching short videos merry within project entitled "Be creative you want". At this time, a bright, emotional sketch released on the eve of the emergence of new things in a number of assortment, which will help in the house and create a spring mood.

Morning with IKEA

"Today woke up and found friends, I will not be afraid of the thermometer I" - these lines begins playful songThat accompanies the roller. Already it is clear that we may boldly say, winter with its cold weather and frosts prickly goodbye. Disclaims 33 plus another odezhku in which we bundled up, so do not accidentally frozen. And in the morning when we wake up, we will have to meet gaining spring warm and bright sun light.

«Spring - is when not all homes"- Surely noticed in the final lines of the song. After a period of active rest, high spirits, new discoveries and achievements that want to implement than ever before. With spring comes a time when you wake up feeling positive and adventurous just beat over the edge.

IKEA offers to start small. With their own apartments and houses. Motley in colors and functional in its design, new collections of Swedish furniture giant even help implement bold decisions and ideas. Go ahead and translate - it's simple. IKEA gives you the opportunity to see this for themselves.


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A film about film

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